• Get Pre-Approved from Lender
  • Work with a Buyers Agent
  • Research the Area
  • Hire a Home Inspector

Getting Pre-Approved from a lender will save you time and spare you the disappointment of looking at houses that you really cannot afford. It also puts you in a serious position when making an offer on a home that you choose.Please understand that being Pre-Approved is different than being Pre- Qualified.  Pre- Approval is based off your actual income, debt and credit history where Pre-Qualification is  based off a cursory review of your finances.

Even though there is so much access to home listings through the internet, It is much safer for the Buyer to acquire the assistance of a professional Buyer's Agent. A buyers agent works for you.... NOT the seller. A good Buyer's Agent will listen to your desires and search all listings as well as FSBO property, in the area . They are also experienced in researching the property and finding as many facts about the property that may not be disclosed by the seller and are strategic in negotiating for the best price for you.

Researching the area is always important. For instance, even if you do not have children, it is wise to select a property that is in a good school district.This makes your property more valuable should you decide to resale. It may also be important to you to be close to hospitals, churches, shopping , etc....I always recommend that the buyer ask for a relocation packet from their Buyers Agent to get an idea of area and the opportunities it has to offer.

Whether you're buying a new home , an older home or a foreclosure, it is ALWAYS important to have a Home Inspection done by a licensed Inspector. Most Lenders will require an appraisal but that is different from an Inspection. A qualified home inspector will be able to point out potential problems that could result in expensive repairs down the road. Even though you are spending a few hundred dollars out of pocket, it is worth it in the long run if it saves you from making a huge mistake.